Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rainy Day - 1/21/10 - Thurs.

Started out today with a swim in Blue Lake - not too cold but a wet suit made it comfortable. Rained and rained so we went to Hamilton today and visited the temple there. Afterwards watched a film on Matthew Cowley in the visitor center - his mission president in 1918 was James Lambert - the name I did today was James Lambert. It kept raining all the way back to Blue Lake. We bought souvenirs in Rotorua - a stick with a Kiwi. Sitting in car typing this now waiting for
a. The rain to stop , or b. Dark to go to bed.
Rain, rain, go away!

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  1. Spencer Says: "It was raining so hard that the kids had to stay inside and wait for their moms to come to the classroom. I like to jump in the rain puddles."
    Hannah Says: "It's raining all the days this week. I like the rain."