Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In the meanwhile

Since last posting from New Zealand, we have had the oppotunity to: go to General Conference in Salt Lake City, my first time in the conference center; visit the Snowflake Arizona Temple 3 weeks ago when I did the DeuceMan in Show Low (1/2 Iron) and 2 other Olympic tris, (1 at Lake Las Vegas in March, and the USG tri in Sand Hollow/St George, Next up Scofield, where I started THE RIDE last year.
The Gator swim team posted a great season in 2010, both girls and boys winning the Sunrise Region title and the girls achieving runner up at State.
Triathlon Goal for this summer is to really focus on coming of the bike strong ready to run. Bike mileage will be achieved with real early morning rides before BCH swimpractice with transition run 2-4 miles regularly. And then a longer run building mileage over the summer. Mileage will definetly not be anywhere near last year- the long term goal is next summer 2011, turning 60 and completing Roth and Regensburg and putting my name in the lottery for Hawaii.

Remember..always have a happy swim, a pleasent ride, and a great run...bob

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  1. wow, dad, i was surprised to see a post from you. good luck with all your races. are you guys going to be able to make it up to logan at all?