Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Off to New Zealand

3 days ago - Jan. 10 11:31 AM
Actually it is January 11 here in Fiji. LAX was super crowded last night but we made it thru check-in, bag screening, and security rather smoothly and got to boarding right on time. Watched 2 movies, some docu films, read Travels w Charley, played Othello, and slept a few hours. Arrived early morning and went for a walk. People are very friendly "Bula" is the greeting we get. It is very humid, sitting in a park waiting for our flight to NZ.
Wednesday in Wanaka January 19 7:21 pm
WE left for Aukland from Fiji at 11am on Monday, about hour and a half into flight, turned around returning to Fiji switched planes and flew to Aukland arriving about 10pm. After getting shuttle to the motel we finally got to sleep at about 1130. Tuesday we flew to Christchurch. The New zealand airport seems to be much more efficient and friendly. We rented a car and drove to Wanaka about a 5 hour drive, luckly the daylight lasts to about 9:30 or so so we did not have to set up in the dark We are still getting used to driving on the left with the steering on the right. Riding a bike on the opposite side is hard.Every time we make a turn we have to mentally plan which lane to turn in to.
The scenery is amazing. flat land by the east coast and then into the mountains,Mt Cook and Mt Aspiring and the surrounding ranges are still snow covered, the weather in Wanaka is about like home in Henderson is now in Winter, but morning a little warmer but not big variable in the after noon. Swam the course this morning, the water is very cold -15C- my feet never warmed up. I just took it easy the first lap (35min) and then picked it up now and then the second to swim 1:08
Rode 30 miles on the first 35k of the course, hilly similar to Silverman, Tommorrow morning will ride the next 60k to Gromwell- supposed to be a slight downgrade, then we will sightsee.
When ever we order bacon we get canadian bacon/ham-ie as in a BLT or a Chicken Club, tastes different but good. so...gotta scram ham

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  1. Hannah Says: "Happy New Year! Are you having fun, grandma?"
    Spencer is at school so he'll write later.
    Drive safe!